Education, Training and Coaching Train the world, spread your knowledge, and make money while doing it!


With 360W!SE TV, it's very easy for professional trainers, educators, and coaches to launch their own eLearning or Training portal based on Videos.

You could be a Guitar Teacher from France teaching your students Live in New Zealand on how to play the F chord, or you could be a Maths Tutor from China uploading on-demand videos for your students in the USA to view the next day.

360W!SE TV also supports direct broadcast from your Camera, so bring out your Tripod and setup your Camera for a Live Session, in just a matter of a couple of minutes, you could be broadcasting Live to the entire world!


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The Key To Staying Thankful During Covid-19


Staying motivated

Mindfulness as a means of improving mood

A mindful state of mind involves awareness of the present moment in a curious, “as if you were experiencing something for the first time”, a non-judgmental and compassionate manner.


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